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Extended scope physiotherapist Faye Nightingale leads our team of dedicated paediatric physiotherapists. The management of club feet using the internationally accepted Ponseti's serial plastering technique is lead by Faye’s team, with surgical input only being required in resistant cases. The physiotherapy team also run “normal variant” clinics.

Patients seen in Bodmin and Truro are looked after by the Cornish paediatric physiotherapy team.

Gary Parfett leads our orthotic service, an essential part of the non operative management of a wide range of paediatric problems from flat feet to cerebral palsy. Colette Scott is our paediatric podiatrist.

Our team of occupational therapists provide children and their parents with the equipment requirements necessary to be at home safely and comfortably.

Professor Marsden runs the movement analysis laboratory, providing important data to optimise the peri-operative decision making in our most complex patients.

Jon Marsden, Professor of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health, University of Plymouth, Peninsula Allied Health Centre, Derriford Road, Plymouth, PL6 8BH. Web:www.plymouth.ac.uk/hsw